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Saudi Health Specialities

Saudi Health Specialties:
Services Provided: Interior Design + MEP Engineering Design
Client: Saudi Health Specialties
Completion Date: 2021
Construction Cost: 24,000,000
Built up area: 2900

Project Description:

2021 - As the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties holds several organizations, DAO provided flexibility and adaptability throughout the space planning of the building. The ground floor will serve as a public gathering point where it will accommodate visitors, trainees, and part-time employees, and incorporates flexible working settings and multi-purpose halls. The cafeteria area will also accommodate the main SCHS employees, which will serve as the main communal spot for the users. On the upper floors, the design facilitates a circular route around the building’s floor plan, creating a continuous flow of employees, and a sense of openness to the interior spaces. The circular route will also serve as a walking track that employee use while taking business calls, virtual meetings, or quick breaks. This will noticeably increase the overall health and productivity of the employees and support the SCHS vision.


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