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Cultural Walk

Client: DQDA
Services Provided: Masterplaning, urban design & wayfinding
Project Status: ongoing
Location: Riyadh, DQ
Construction Cost: NA
Total Area: 2KM
Starting date: 2019
Completion date: 2021

2019 - The DQ commercial spine project, in its essence, aims to breathe new life into the urban and landscape of the DQ central boulevards. The central focus is the façade enhancement, infusing the Salmani design philosophy into the realm of urban planning and commercial architecture.

The central boulevard, recognized for its distinguished architectural flair, serves as a bustling, mixed-use pedestrian walkway, embodying both functionality and style. Acting as the primary pedestrian connector, the spine seamlessly links the East to the West and North to the South of the DQ.

One of the primary objectives of this ambitious undertaking is to metamorphose the 1.8km stretch into a culturally resonant, unforgettable journey. It's not just about walking; it's about experiencing active social nodes, basking in the nation's timeless cultural identity, and witnessing the fusion and innovation in art. The multifaceted design of this open space ensures versatility, adapting effortlessly to the changing seasons and offering varied experiences.

Drawing strength from its strategic location in Riyadh's most cross-cultural quarter and its award-winning, environment-sensitive landscape, the commercial spine transforms the DQ into a vibrant, living hub. It beautifully meshes the world's diverse cultures, shining a spotlight on the region's architectural finesse. This is a journey of time - transitioning seamlessly from the traditional to the contemporary, while celebrating the fusion of both.
The walkway is segmented thoughtfully. The first zone tantalizes with a bazaar and antique stores, extending to an adjacent garden perfect for weekly international cuisine markets.
Community spaces dot this zone, catering to the daily needs of the local populace and the curiosities of both national and international visitors. Zone 2 immerses one in the contemporary - from Al-Kindi plaza, a tribute to the legendary musician, to zones flaunting modern art, fashion, and design. Intellectual cafes serve as ideal pit stops, leading to Zone 3, the pulsating heart of the cultural walk around Oud Square. This final zone is a testament to modern expressions, housing cafes, restaurants, an outdoor cinema, and vibrant graffiti displays.

Incorporating elements of commercial design and urban ethos, the walkway's landscape meticulously mirrors the project's overarching objective. The hardscape and wayfinding facets are seamlessly integrated, while the softscape aspects add seasonal diversity to the pedestrian experience.



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